Live Workshops

The Learning Environment
Classroom training has never been so immersive!

Our specially-selected instructors each have a Master's Degree and advanced certifications and they use our signature combination of instructor demonstrations and participant interaction to answer your questions and help you learn. Each evidence-based program is based on the latest research and best-practice scenarios, and every exercise you'll see is enhanced by crisp, clear videos, each of which has a specific QR code so that long after class is over you can review, save or share each video clip.

Finally, we know that you can't learn if you're physically uncomfortable, so no more sitting on the hard, cold floor of a gym or an aerobics room! Each of our training programs is conducted in the meeting room of a major hotel: clean, quiet and climate controlled with state-of-the art AV, comfortable chairs and accessible restrooms. And all of our programs are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee if you are not pleased or must cancel -- even at the last minute.

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