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"Remedial Exercise" Training Program

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A 21st Century Approach to Fitness Training!

Remedial exercise is the next hot trend in fitness. Based on the most current research, this groundbreaking program does not simply concentrate on offering a catalogue of different exercises but will teach you how to individualize your client’s journey from initial observational assessment through remediation of fundamental movement patterns and finally through training to prevent re-injury. Our "Remedial Exercise" program will help you design personalized exercise training programs that will help your client function more efficiently, and with less pain whether they are older adults, “active couch potatoes”, weekend warriors or serious competitive athletes.

Why study "Remedial Exercise?"

The goal of remedial exercise is to identify dysfunctional movement patterns that may result in decreased performance or an increased risk of injury in the future. Whether these dysfunctional movement patterns are the result of aging, deconditioning or some other cause, this state of the art series of workshops will teach you how to integrate remedial techniques into an individualized workout plan for your client. Then, using assessment and follow-up, teach you how to determine when remediation is no longer necessary and progress the client to the next stage of their fitness journey. Using a holistic approach to program design, this program seamlessly blends training for mobility, stability and performance while reducing the risk of injury. This brand new course will take your training to the next level.

This specially designed program is designed to bring you up to date on all the hottest topics and trends relating to the function of the knees, ankles, back and shoulders so you can design an evidence based program for your client’s immediate and lasting benefit. When you've completed this program you’ll understand how to accelerate your client’s results while you learn the hottest, most up-to-date training techniques. Our brand new series of workshops will revolutionize your training program. You can register for each class individually or you can register for the complete 4 class series and really save!

Get the Recognition You Deserve!

You’ve worked hard to advance your career so why not let that hard work can pay off? Take all 4 of our "Remedial Exercise" workshops and you can document your learning with a Special Certificate showing that you have had concentrated training in "Remedial Exercise". This special recognition certificate will be provided free of charge if you take all 4 of our "Remedial Exercise" live classes.

Is this a “certification” ?

Unfortunately, no. “Certification” is a legal term and “certifications” requires a proctored, objective examination to earn the credential and continuing education to maintain the credential. Our live programs do not require an examination so no "certification" is rewarded. But many of our participants have found that our Specialty Certificates are very valuable marketing tools which document that you have specialized training in a concentrated area of fitness.

How it works

After you have completed all 4 of our live classes you will receive access to a special page on our website. All you need to do is click on that link, enter your email address and then fill out a short attendance form. Then, your special certificate will be emailed to you instantly. That’s it!

Remedial Exercise, 2024 Schedule

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