Strength and Conditioning for Seniors

The Next Major Fitness Trend

The "Strength & Conditioning for Seniors" Concept
Unique program design ideas for age-appropriate conditioning programs your older clients will rave about!

Strength & Conditioning Programs for older adults are the newest trend in fitness and our brand new 1-day "Strength & Conditioning for Seniors" program will teach you all you need to know to design and implement your own age-appropriate strength-building programs for older adults. This innovative course is designed to show you the incredible variety of sustainable strength and conditioning activities available for your clients age 60 and older. You'll learn age-specific screening protocols as well as functional drills and activities to improve, enhance and maintain physical strength, core strength, cardio capacity, balance, agility -- even cognition! This program is designed for the special needs of the active, independent older adult; it offers a new twist on traditional performance and conditioning activities and is especially designed to minimize stress on aging joints. Whether you take just one workshop or stay for the entire day, you will leave this program psyched, energized and ready to treat your older clients to the kind of cutting-edge strength and conditioning program once reserved for elite athletes.

The Modules

This 8-hour workshop highlights age-appropriate, functional, conditioning activities designed to improve your client's strength, balance, cardio capacity and cognition. The program consists of four brand-new, 2-hour modules:

1) Function = Freedom: Integrated Core Training
2) Balance = Independence: Progressive Fall Prevention Programs
3) Strength = Control: Age-appropriate Conditioning Exercises
4) Cognition = Confidence: Cardio Exercise & Cerebral Blood Flow

Our fast-paced, high-energy program consists of four two-hour courses and is structured to prepare you to design and implement your own "Strength & Conditioning for Seniors" workouts. You'll learn how to design individualized training programs for both individuals and groups and you'll learn the newest trends, the most imaginitive modifications and the most popular strength and conditioning activities -- all suitable for your older clients.

CE Awards

Each 2-hour module for our live programs is approved for:
0.2 CECs through ACE, CSCS, NASM, NSCA.

The entire 8-hour day is approved for:
0.8 CECs from ACE, CSCS, NASM, NSCA.

CE awards may be approved/accepted by other credentialing agencies as well.

Get the Recognition You Deserve!

You've worked hard to advance your career so why not let that hard work can pay off? Complete all 4 of our "Strength and Conditioning for Seniors" workshops and you will also earn the FREE credential of "Senior Conditioning Consultant". This special recognition certificate will be provided free of charge if you complete all 4 of our "Strength & Conditioning for Seniors" live classes.

Is this a “certification” ?

Unfortunately, no. “Certification” is a legal term and “certifications” requires a proctored, objective examination to earn the credential and continuing education to maintain the credential. Our live programs do not require an examination so no "certification" is rewarded. But many of our participants have found that our Specialty Certificates are very valuable marketing tools which document that you have specialized training in a concentrated area of fitness.

How it works

After you have completed all 4 of our live classes you will receive access to a special page on our website. All you need to do is click on that link, enter your email address and then fill out a short attendance form. Then, your special certificate will be emailed to you instantly. That’s it!

Strength & Conditioning for Seniors 2023 Schedule

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