"Non-Traditional Strength Training" ConEd Program

Minimal equipment. Maximal results. Limitless Potential.

Training On Your Schedule: Anytime. Any place.

Covid forced many fitness trainers to re-evaluate their schedules, their training programs and their cash flow. The result? Trainers are abandoning traditional gyms for environments where they can be their own boss: Public parks. Beaches and community centers. Private studios and storefronts. Converted attics, garages and basements. The benefit is increased autonomy, flexibility and profitability. The downside? Without access to a full range of resistance equipment and machines, for many trainers it’s easy for training to become stale and for them to feel limited and stagnant by what they perceive as limited training options.

Why study "Non-Traditional Exercise?"

Non-Traditional ExerciseOur brand new “Non-traditional” training program will show you an almost limitless variety of strength exercises for upper body, lower body and core, along with challenging cardio routines that can literally be done anywhere with a minimal investment of equipment. Using a base of progressive body weight exercises supplemented with the clever use of kettlebells, medicine balls, elastic tubes and balance discs, our expert trainers will show you exercise variations and progressions suitable for all of your clients from active seniors to busy Moms and Dads to hard core fitness enthusiasts.

Starting from a base of primal exercise movements you will use squats, lunges, deadlifts, pushes and pulls to build a foundation and then discover how to progress each exercise from beginner to advanced levels. You’ll discover both age-appropriate modifications for your seniors and higher intensity variations for your highly motivated clients who want to take their performance to a more advanced level. Whether your clients are aging Baby Boomers, weekend warriors or serious competitive athletes, they are sure to see major benefits from these exercises – even without a gym!

The Modules

This 8-hour workshop consists of four brand-new, 2-hour modules:

1) Core Training: The Future is Now
2) High-intensity Cardio: Leaving the Comfort Zone
3) Upper Body Training: Results Without Excuses
4) Lower Body Training: Building a New Reality

The Learning Environment

Non-Traditional ExerciseClassroom training has never been so interactive! Using our signature combination of instructor demonstrations and participant interaction, every exercise is enhanced by crisp, clear videos, each of which has a specific QR code so you can make your own exercise playlist and retain and remember the exercises long after class is over.

For a sample of how the QR codes look for each exercise, aim your smart phone or tablet here:

QR Code Sample


Non-Traditional ExerciseThe cost for this 1-day, 8-hour ConEd program is $129, with early bird pricing of only $99. Best of all, your investment is protected by our 100%, no-questions-asked refund policy. For details of our refund, click here.

CE Awards

This 8-hour training program is pre-approved for:
0.8 CECs from ACE, CSCS, NASM, NSCA.

CE awards may be approved/accepted by other credentialing agencies as well.

Get the Recognition You Deserve!

You've worked hard to advance your career so why not let that hard work pay off? Complete all 4 of our "Non-traditional Exercise" workshops and you will also earn the FREE credential of " Non-traditional Exercise Consultant". This special recognition certificate will be provided free of charge if you complete all 4 of our "Non-traditional Exercise Program" live classes.

Is this a "certification" ?

Unfortunately, no. "Certification" is a legal term and "certifications" requires a proctored, objective examination to earn the credential and continuing education to maintain the credential. Our live programs do not require an examination so no "certification" is rewarded. But many of our participants have found that our Specialty Certificates are very valuable marketing tools which document that you have specialized training in a concentrated area of fitness.

How it works

After you have completed all 4 of our live classes you will receive access to a special page on our website. All you need to do is click on that link, enter your email address and then fill out a short attendance form. Then, your special certificate will be emailed to you instantly. That's it!

Non-traditional Strength Training 2023 Schedule

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