Functional Aging for Seniors

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Functional Aging for Seniors Program
Looking good & feeling great after age 65

This popular program has been totally reimagined for 2020! Artfully combining the latest research with the most current trends in senior fitness, the course is designed to keep clients age 65 and older fit, active, functional and independent. Today’s seniors have the expectation of remaining vibrant, functional and active well into old age, and this course explores every aspect of the training process. You’ll discover age-appropriate training techniques suitable for all levels of senior from the active older adult to the frail elder.

This 1-day program will explore the physiological needs of your older client seniors who are living with moderate to severe orthopedic issues or managing chronic diseases. It will allow you to conceptualize and administer training programs customized to the individual needs of seniors.

You can register for each class individually or you can register for the complete 1-day series of classes and really save! If you are working with older adults, or anyone who eventually hopes to be an older adult, you need this series of workshops!

Get the Recognition You Deserve!

You’ve worked hard to advance your career so why not let that hard work can pay off? Take all 4 of our "Functional Aging for Seniors" workshops and you can document your learning with a Special Certificate showing that you have had concentrated training in "Older Adult Fitness". This special recognition certificate will be provided free of charge if you take all 4 of our "Functional Aging for Seniors" live classes.

Is this a "certification" ?

Unfortunately, no. "Certification" is a legal term and a "certification" requires a proctored, objective examination to earn the credential and continuing education to maintain the credential. Our live programs do not require an examination so no "certification" is rewarded. But many of our participants have found that our Specialty Certificates are very valuable marketing tools which document that you have specialized training in a concentrated area of fitness.

How it works

After you have completed all 4 of our live classes you will receive access to a special page on our website. All you need to do is click on that link, enter your email address and then fill out a short attendance form. Then, your special certificate will be emailed to you instantly. That’s it!

Functional Aging for Seniors Schedule

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