Nutrition & Weight Control for Aging Baby Boomers Webinar on Demand #WOD-061424

Up to 80% of American seniors may be overfed and undernourished, and the effects of this are seen in cognitive decline, increased disease risk and may even affect their life expectancy. Learn the root causes of why older adults may not be making the best menu choices and how the aging process affects taste, digestion, absorption and elimination. Learn about the special challenges that confront the single senior, or seniors with dental issues or seniors who are on a fixed income. Finally, explore how body mass changes in old age and how your senior may actually lose weight, see their BMI decline and actually have more body fat than when they started. If you train seniors, or have older relatives (or over the age of 60 yourself!) this eye-opening webinar is a game changer.

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Nutrition & Weight Control for Aging Baby Boomers
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