Women, Hormones and Exercise Webinar #WOD-042323
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Produced and recorded in April of 2023, this webinar features some of the latest and most up to date research on the effect of exercise on hormonal response and weight loss. It will help you work with the female client who still thinks that starvation is the key to weight loss even though she is setting herself up for failure. This comprehensive webinar gives you the facts and figures you need to help your female client learn that successful long-term weight loss is determined by their ability to reset their hormonal balance and basal metabolic rate (BMR) with exercise. The webinar is filled with real world tips and pointers, including an explanation of why weight loss is even harder after menopause, and why lifting weight can be more effective for weight loss than traditional cardio training. In addition to discussing weight control for the post-menopausal woman you'll learn about the special needs of the pregnant client. As an added bonus, we've included crisp video clips of exercises you can use to speed up your clients' metabolisms as well as sample exercise complexes that you can use immediately for your groups and individual clients. NOTE: You have until 12/31/2024 to complete this webinar.

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Women, Hormones and Exercise
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