Lunges: From Routine to Remarkable Webinar #WOD-102022

The lunge may be the best whole body exercise your clients love to hate, but in this webinar the lunge is elevated to a whole new level. You'll start with a movement analysis and a discussion of how to correct the most common lunging errors and then watch as Pete Rohleder expertly deconstructs the lunge and then progressively rebuilds them in a manner that makes it appropriate for all your clients, regardless of age or conditioning level. You'll finish with one-of-a-kind lunge variations that will amaze your clients... and your colleagues! Once you understand how this primal exercise integrates the utilization of the glutes, quads and core you'll be sold -- if you aren't already! NOTE: You have until 12/31/2024 to complete this webinar.

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0.20 ACE
2.00 ACSM
2.00 AEA / AF
2.00 AFAA
2.00 BOC Cat A
0.30 CSCS
2.00 FAI
2.00 IFPA
2.00 ISSA
0.20 NASM
0.20 NCCPT
0.40 NFPT
Lunges: From Routine to Remarkable
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Price: $25.00