Primal Exercise: The Complete Webinar Series #WOD-PM-ALL
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"Primal Exercise" is the next big trend in functional fitness training. Primal exercise programs improve, remediate and enhance functional movement patterns that are learned in early childhood, perfected in adolescence and, often, remediated in middle and old age. Now, let fitness expert Pete Rohleder, MS, CSCS take you on a guided tour of movement-specific combinations of strength and mobility exercises that is anchored by almost 200 separate video clips. After participating in a Primal Exercise Program your client will enjoy better performance, decreased risk of injury and greater function and after completing this webinar series you will be amazed at the sheer ingenuity and variety of exercises that often don't warrant a second thought. The five 2-hour webinars that make up this bundle include: “Rotations & Hip Hinges: From Stodgy to Superlative", "Squats: From Essential to Exceptional", "Lunges: From Routine to Remarkable", "Pulls & Rows: From Antiquated to Amazing" and "Pushes & Presses: From Tedious to Terrific". NOTE: You have until 12/31/2024 to complete this bundle.

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1.00 ACE
10.00 ACSM
10.00 AEA / AF
10.00 AFAA
10.00 BOC Cat A
1.50 CSCS
10.00 FAI
10.00 IFPA
10.00 ISSA
1.00 NASM
10.00 NCCPT
2.00 NFPT
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