Kettlebell Training 2E #CC191
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Revised and rewritten for 2021, the second edition of Kettlebell Training is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense guide that will get you started setting goals, assessing fitness, and selecting exercises. Whether you are training athletes or seniors, you'll learn how to exercise safely and efficiently to maximize results. The new edition has been expanded with almost 100 updated kettlebell exercises, each accompanied by step-by-step instruction, detailed photo sequences, and training tips -- instantly accessible and perfect for training indoors or outdoors, at home or in the gym. More than exercises, Kettlebell Training contains proven programs that will produce results. You'll learn how to create a routine based on your client's individual needs, goals, and schedule. Short on time? You'll love the sample fitness, strength, and conditioning programs or for your clients who play sports, one of the sport-specific routines for football, soccer, mixed martial arts, or tennis. Whether you are training for performance, appearance, or general fitness, Kettlebell Training has the exercises, programs, and advice you need for the results you want. Softcover.

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1.70 ACE
10.00 ACSM
9.00 AEA / AF
10.00 BOC Cat A
0.80 CSCS
17.00 FAI
17.00 IFPA
17.00 ISSA
1.00 NASM
1.00 NCCPT
3.40 NFPT
Kettlebell Training 2E
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Pages: 290
Questions: 100
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