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Without proper recovery, your client won’t be fully prepared for their next session — or reap the full benefits of your training plan. "Smarter Recovery" changes that, delivering evidence-based information and practical advice to effectively integrate this essential step into your comprehensive training routine. Pete McCall, renowned personal trainer and author of the best-selling "Smarter Workouts", cuts through the hype to explain what you really need to maximize your recovery and feel your best. With dozens of exercises and stretches for recovery and mobility, "Smarter Recovery" breaks down the most effective tools, techniques, and methods, including the use of massage guns, foam rollers and other popular recovery tools. With separate sections on how to integrate proper nutrition and adequate sleep into your recovery plan, "Smarter Recovery" takes the guesswork out of designing and implementing a comprehensive recovery plan that works to the needs of your clients, whether they are athletes, older adults or weekend warriors.

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1.80 ACE
15.00 AEA / AF
18.00 BOC Cat A
18.00 FAI
18.00 IFPA
18.00 ISSA
1.60 NASM
1.80 NCCPT
3.60 NFPT
Smarter Recovery
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Pages: 234
Questions: 350
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