Elite Physique #CC198
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This beautiful book features crisp, full color photographs and glossy pages, making it look more like a high end fitness magazine than a CE textbook. Based on the most recent, evidence-based strategies for making workouts more effective, "Elite Physique" features over 100 exercises and 50 exercise videos for clients who want to to build muscle and burn fat. Written by Dr. Chad Waterbury, Elite Physique shows how to achieve sustainable physical changes by manipulating sets, reps, and frequency and by deciding when and how to use advanced training methods. You'll discover innovative exercises for the upper and lower body and core and you'll find tips on altering exercises to alleviate stress on the primary joints, You'll also learn the finer points of sculpting the midsection and realistic ways to create programs that target a specific body part, either as an add-on to full-body training or as a stand-alone plan. Waterbury also includes advice on how to make primal exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and presses more joint friendly for older lifters. If your client is looking for the most effective approach to ignite their physical transformation, Elite Physique is a go-to resource you'll use over and over. Softcover.

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1.00 ACE
10.00 AEA / AF
10.00 BOC Cat A
10.00 FAI
10.00 IFPA
10.00 ISSA
1.00 NCCPT
2.00 NFPT
Elite Physique
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Questions: 175
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