Low Back Disorders, 3e #CC182
Textbook Included

This third edition of Low Back Disorders contains all of the essential tools for those with low back maladies. Strong foundational information on anatomy and injury mechanisms guide readers through the essential functions of the structures of the low back and related tissues, and common misconceptions about pain and discomfort are addressed and corrected. The text provides detailed insights into injury assessment by an extensively expanded set of tests with accompanying instructions. These provide guidance and recommendations for individualized rehabilitation strategies and exercises. In addition to offering strategies for relieving and potentially eliminating pain, the text provides insight into the conditions and environments that may initially cause back pain and makes recommendations on reducing these influences so that clients can be pain free. Course includes hard-cover textbook, separate testing booklet and free, instant grading. Hard-cover.

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20.00 ACSM
15.00 AEA / AF
20.00 BOC Cat A
20.00 FAI
20.00 IFPA
20.00 ISSA
2.00 NCCPT
Hard Cover
Low Back Disorders, 3e
© 2016
Pages: 310
Questions: 375
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