Train the Brain Drills
The Program

Researchers no longer believe that dementia is an inevitable part of the aging process and we now know that, just as physical exercise keeps our bones and muscles strong, exercise for the brain keeps our intellect and memory sharp. Many fitness professionals are now including “Train the Brain” activities as a regular component of their training sessions, group classes and boot camps, but they quickly learn that finding suitable brain training activities can be challenging, expensive and time consuming.

Exercise ETC is changing that! We’ve heard your requests and we are now making our popular “Train the Brain” drills available for purchase. These innovative activities can be used with clients one on one, or in large or small groups. Better yet, they offer you maximal flexibility: You can view them on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone! Working with a larger group? Simply connect your device to a projector or flat screen TV! And at only $1.29 per drill, with unlimited usage, you won’t find a more cost effective curriculum.

Individualize Your Program!

You’ll love our “Train the Brain” Drills! Our unique format allows you to customize your Train the Brain program to the specific needs of your particular client or group. Build a session around one single drill or individualize your program by mixing and matching several of them into a myriad of different combinations and let your creativity shine! Each of our “Train the Brain” drills comes with complete instructor notes and answer keys, and all our programs offer you unlimited usage!

How It Works

Scroll down our extensive list of unique drills and read the description. Each drill lists both its intent (memory, processing speed, etc) and its target audience (beginner, intermediate or advanced.) Select the “Train the Brain” drills you would like and place your order. When your purchase is complete you will immediately be e-mailed your receipt. Scroll down the receipt and you will see the title of each drill you purchased. Click on the title of the drill and it will be quickly downloaded to your computer or mobile device. (Remember that download speeds can vary greatly from device to device.) Once the drill downloads it is yours to keep and use as often as you like. Each drill has complete instructor notes and an answer key. That’s all there is to it!

What You Need

You can view and use our “Train the Brain” drills on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, but your computer or mobile device must have either PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer installed on it. PowerPointer Viewer is available as a fast, free download. To install this free program please click here.