Functional Fitness: The Complete Webinar Series #WOD-FF-ALL

A Functional Fitness Consultant is a fitness professional who works with a cross section of different clients and is able to personalize their training program to help them meet a widely divergent variety of needs, with the understanding that function means different things to different people. For an older adult function may mean the ability to carry groceries or get out of the bathtub; for a weekend athlete, it may mean an increase in performance and a decrease in injury risk; for the average client function may mean improved core stability and muscular strength. A Functional Fitness Consultant is on top of one of the most important trends in the fitness industry, with the ability to combine exercise programming with education and recommendations for sustainable lifestyle change. This 5-webinar series includes these titles: 'Functional Training, Myths & Mystique;' 'Core Training: Working Hard or Hardly Working;' 'High Intensity Training: When Less is More;' 'Exercise to Improve Neck & Back Function;' 'Weight Management: Secrets & Lies.' Please note: this webinar series must be completed by 12/31/22.

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1.00 ACE
10.00 ACSM
10.00 AEA / AF
10.00 AFAA
10.00 BOC Cat A
1.50 CSCS
10.00 FAI
10.00 IFPA
10.00 ISSA
1.00 NASM
1.00 NCCPT
Functional Fitness Consultant: The Complete Webinar Series
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