Cheap Tricks for Trainers Webinar #WOD-14

Don't let this webinar's title throw you off: This science-based class takes common exercises as well as those that are somewhat underused and examines how changing the joint angle or the position can dramatically affect the results. So what's a "cheap trick?" It is an exercise technique that is designed to get fast, safe results for your clients; this keeps them motivated and makes you look good too. You'll discover variations for exercises for every major muscle group that should be used more frequently than they are. NOTE: You have until 12/31/2022 to complete this webinar.

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0.20 ACE
2.00 ACSM
2.00 AEA / AF
2.00 BOC Cat A
2.00 FAI
2.00 IFPA
2.00 ISSA
0.20 NCCPT
Cheap Tricks for Trainers
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Price: $20.00