Secrets of Strength & Conditioning Webinar #WOD-02
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Updated and re-recorded in July, 2020 this fascinating workshop will teach you innovative new variations for strength training program design, all emphasizing change and variation. You'll learn new techniques to improve overload and enhance muscle fiber recruitment patterns while you learn to maximize training time for optimal results. If you are seeking to take your clients to a higher level of overall physical conditioning, this outstanding workshop is the key. NOTE: You have until 12/31/2021 to complete this webinar.

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0.20 ACE
2.00 ACSM
2 AEA / AF
2.00 AFAA
2.00 BOC
0.30 CSCS
2.00 FAI
2.00 IFPA
2.00 ISSA
0.20 NASM
0.20 NCCPT
2.00 NFPT
2.00 W.I.T.S.
Secrets of Strength & Conditioning
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Price: $25.00