2020 Vision: The Future of Fitness

What you never knew.

What you forgot you knew.

What you wish you had known years ago.

Each individual workshop
(2.0 CEUs/0.2 CECs) is only $29.

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(8.0 CEUs/0.8 CECs) for only $99!

2020 Vision: The Future of Fitness?

"2020 Vision: The Future of Fitness" is a brand-new, fast-paced 1-day workshop designed to give you practical, useful training tips that you can use with your clients immediately. Based on the hottest training trends and most recent research, "2020 Vision: The Future of Fitness" program features 4 brand new, never-before-offered CE programs that are designed to help you train your clients to see impressive results at warp speed.

Starting from a solid combination of current research and good old-fashioned exercise science, this evidence-based program will focus on best-practice programming guidelines that will maximize strength gains while minimizing the risk of injury or re-injury. You’ll learn how to make traditional strength training exercises both safer and more effective and learn recommendations for how to modify traditional exercises that are now regarded as obsolete, unsafe or both. "2020 Vision: The Future of Fitness" is going to open your eyes to a whole new world of training options; whether you work with clients one-on one or in large or small groups. This course is going to change the way you think about program design; you’ll come away from this program with a whole slew of exercise modifications to use in your practice that will increase the benefit of exercise while minimizing the risk: a true win-win scenario!

Our new set of workshops will revolutionize your training program so why wait? You can register for each class individually or you can register for the whole day and really save!

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