JC's Total Body Transformation #CC172
Textbook Included

Author JC Santana has spent over 30 years working with professional and collegiate athletes, weekend warriors, and serious strength and fitness clients, and he has developed hundreds of workouts that are proven to work. You will not get a lot of fluff here: You WILL get an introduction on how to use these workouts, an explanation of why the Santana training philosophy works, instructions on how to coach the workouts, and his simple philosophy on assessment and progressions. If your client is ready for you to transform their physique then this is the book for you. Based on solid exercise science principles and tested with thousands of clients, this course gives you over 110 workouts that can be plugged into any training plan right now to build strength, improve athletic performance and sculpt results. 346 pages, softcover. Complete course includes soft-cover textbook, separate testing booklet and free, instant grading.

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10.00 ACSM
5.00 AEA / AF
11.00 FAI
10.00 IFPA
10.00 ISSA
1.10 NCCPT
JC's Total Body Transformation
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Price: $159.00 $39.00 (Save 75%)
(Includes hard copy of book, eTest and free instant grading.)
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Price: $159.00 $39.00 (Save 75%)
(Includes eBook, eTest and free instant grading.)